Ephemera Exhibition


Ephemera Exhibition




Sihanouk collection
A digital representation of the Rare Book's exhibition "Ephemera", printed material which is used for various purposes and then discarded. These fragments of the past illuminate previous lives for future generations.

Items included range from 17th century to the present. Among the earliest are pieces concerned with an execution in 1678; tourist notices from the early 19th century; early greetings cards including valentines; a colour brochure for the first Holden car from 1950; the first Moomba programme from 1955; and many current posters and fliers for music events and political campaigns.

The exhibition was drawn from the holdings of the Monash University Library's Rare Books Collection. The library has been collecting ephemera since the early 1990's in support of research by social historians.

Collection Items

Australia unvaccinated yet free from smallpox: an eighteenth century superstition
Includes, loosely inserted, card from the British Union for Abolition of Vivisection, Melbourne Branch showing a dog with the caption, "You wouldn't vivisect me?" 

Melbourne for Moomba
Programme for the annual Melbourne Moomba festival held 7th-16th March, 1958

Melbourne Moomba festival
Programme for the annual Melbourne Moomba festival held 12th-26th March, 1955

Scotts Hotel: Moomba Festival 1961
Menu for the annual Moomba dinner, held at Scott's Hotel as part of the Moomba Festival.

Scotts Hotel: Moomba Festival 1957
Menu for the annual Moomba dinner, held at Scott's Hotel as part of the Moomba Festival. The guest of honour is Mrs Pat Bramwell, the 1957 Moomba Queen, who has also signed the inside page.

An Aboriginal Moomba: Out of the Dark'
The Australian Aboriginal League presents its contribution to the Centenary of Victoria and Jubilee of the Commonwealth celebrations. An Aboriginal Moomba "Out of the dark", performed at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne.

Travancore Estate, Flemington Hill: auction, 30th November 1918
By public auction, Saturday 30th November 1918 in a seated marquee on the ground at 3 o'clock.  Travancore Estate, Flemington Hill (City of Melbourne) 106 choice allotments. Lovely high position overlooking the bay and royal park.

The black market is the traitor's market
"Issued by authority of the Minister for Trade and Customs and the Commonwealth Rationing Commission."  Printed on both sides, and apparently intended to be cut across perforation to be made into 2 separate sheets. Lower sheet contains title:…

Face the facts
Handwritten note on cover reads "Thanks for splashing everybody with mud on the way up!"

Food card
Food card issue to Norman William McLeod of Icknield Road, Leagrave. The retailers are The Home & Colonial Stores Ltd., 4 Wellington Street, Luton.

Ration book supplement
Supplementary ration book issued to William R. Herring of 1 Walton Way, Mitcham, London on 7th July 1941.

Marmite recipes: Marmite cookery book with the compliments of the Sanitarium Health Food Company
A Marmite cookery booklet with, loosely included, a single leaf, headed, "What's wrong with the Australian child's diet?"

Brewer's "brewing compound," or "yeast food"
Advertising brochure with description of product and many testimonials, mostly for ginger beer in a factory.

Wattle Path Palais de Danse & Café Ltd: Esplanade St. Kilda
Issued for the opening of the Wattle Path Palais de Danse in Melbourne, 1922

Booklet giving details of the Board of Directors, music, building, decorations, dance floor, dining, prices, and orchestra. 

Marmite: the richest known source of vitamin-B, the vitalizing food factor which tones up body and brain and aids 
An advertising brochure extolling the health benefits of Marmite with some ideas on its use in cooking

TAA in-flight information booklet
Includes a 23 x 15 cm plant quarantine booklet in back cover
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