WWI Pamphlets and Ephemera Collection


WWI Pamphlets and Ephemera Collection


A selection of pamphlets and ephemera related to World War One held in the Monash University Library Rare Books Collection.

Collection Items

Britain's debt to France
This booklet tells how the British Committee of the French Red Cross is applying its organisation and funds to post-war problems.

Instructions for returned soldiers
This pamphlet is designed to supply returned soldiers of the 3rd Military District with information most commonly sought by them on and after arrival.

One copy will be handed to each man before disembarkation, and it will be his duty to make…

31 views: the cities of our allies & our enemies
This souvenir of The Great War of 1914 is issued with the object of giving an artistic and true idea of the Beautiful Cities of the Nations who are now at war. The number of British Subjects who were resident in the various countries at the…

Set of 6 handy reference maps showing military positions and battle lines of Allied Armies in France, Flanders and Belgium; Italy; Russia; Salonika; Turkey in Asia and Egypt; Germany and Austria
By placing the first five maps round that of Germany and Austria the strategy of the Allies will be clearly perceived. The tightening of this cordon should be watched with the greatest interest to which these Maps will materially assist.

We'll laugh until the lights shine again
Six cartoons about World War I, with a poem, "Mirth," folded to form an envelope. The cartoons are signed "Mick."

For the flag
Printed by D. W. Paterson Co. Pty. Ltd.

Australia's first naval fight: November 1914
Printed by Keystone Printing Co.

Xmas 1918: 6th Australian Infantry Battalion Christmas card
Souvenir Christmas card with a poem and engraving tied with red and blue ribbon. On the cover is written Gallipoli, Flanders, Egypt, France. The card is addressed To Winnie, From Charl.

Socialist Labor Party and the war: address of the S.L.P. to parties affiliated with the International Socialist Bureau
The capitalist class through its mouthorgans, the hired press, and through other channels, triumphantly announced to the world that when the war broke out the Socialists forgot all about their Socialism, that the INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT was proven to…

The soldier's friend: a practical guide to Cairo and Nile for A.I.F. (Multum in parvo)
2nd Edition. Covers are missing from the original item.

Will they never come?
Printed by Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer

"Carry on" carnival: Sports Ground, Glenferrie, 16th to 23rd Feb., 1918
Advertisement card for a morale boosting carnical. Five lines of patriotic verse on the back of the card reads
"On! On! You've got to carry on -
For the sake of every one of us who's gone
For the flag that flies above
And the country that we love,…
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