World War I Photographs


World War I Photographs


Alfieri Picture Service (London, England)



1914 - 1915


Alfieri was a London firm that produced many unique images of the war. In Australia the firm is best known for producing pictures of the Anzac troops at Gallipoli and a photo-documentary book called The Dardanelles (1916?).

In this collection of 19 loose photographs, the images appear to be from 1914 and show the unmechanised side of the early war.

Collection Items

The pirates' first victim: the Norwegian ship "Belridge" torpedoed in the Channel
Photo shows how clearly the name & nationality of the vessel are painted on her side.

The Derby 1915
Owing to the racing authorities having suspended The Derby this year Tommies at Epsom hold a meeting of their own. Photo shows wounded soldiers watching the race from the grandstand.
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