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Accompanied by an envelope with a letter from Arthur Tuckett to T. L. Adams, 12th March 1926, with blueprint plan of the land.
Auction at 2 p.m. on the subdivision, Saturday, April 24. The Pines Estate, Turner Street, Wonthaggi. 35 fine building allotments
To be sold by public auction, Saturday, 20th February 1920 Warrigal Road Estate, on corner of Warrigal and North Road, Oakleigh, 116 villa sites.
An advertising brochure extolling the health benefits of Marmite with some ideas on its use in cooking
One side is an advertisement, the other is a drink mixing guide which has an insert that slides to select the drink.
By public auction, Saturday 30th November 1918 in a seated marquee on the ground at 3 o'clock.  Travancore Estate, Flemington Hill (City of Melbourne) 106 choice allotments. Lovely high position overlooking the bay and royal park.
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