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The Australian Aboriginal League presents its contribution to the Centenary of Victoria and Jubilee of the Commonwealth celebrations. An Aboriginal Moomba "Out of the dark", performed at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne.
Miss Duigan, Miss Kathy Green, Miss Proudfoot, Miss Macgregor, Fraulein Linden, Miss A. Gray, Miss Rix (Performers), Mrs Thos. Baker, Miss Shaw
Programme for the annual Melbourne Moomba festival held 7th-16th March, 1958
Programme for the annual Melbourne Moomba festival held 12th-26th March, 1955
On one side of the card is a promotional calendar, 1956, for Cecil Grave Pty. Ltd., with the programme for the Melbourne Olympics on the other side
The official programme for the opening of the Hargrave-Andrew Library, accompanied by a typed sheet giving further details of the programme.
Miss Heerey, Miss Manion, Miss Garrett, Miss Willey, Miss Johnston, Miss Hollow, Master Johnston, Master Dando, Miss Zanker (Performers)
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