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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Aroe Island, Indonesia"
18th November 1942. Terrain study, copy no. 634. Includes additions and amendments
From the Netherlands government charts of 1911. Reproduced by Hydrographic Branch, Sydney by permission of the hydrographer
Reproduced by Hydrographic Branch, Dept. of the Navy, Sydney, 8th December, 1942
Preliminary edition only (August 1941, revised & reprinted March 1942)
28th September 1942, altered 9th November 1942
13th October 1942. Traced by OCE USA SOS December 1942
April 1942, altered 15th October 1942
Taken from Frankfurter Geographische Hefte 1936
Samengesteld in 1914; For English translation see Chart No. 1 (Dutch Catalogue). Reproduced by the Hydrographic Branch, Dept. of the Navy, Sydney, 1943
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