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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Menado, Indonesia"
11th September 1944. Terrain study, S. S. no. 6
This summary covers beaches considered to be tactically important. For full description of coastline, see Secs IV-VI. Beaches are numbered in conformity with the coastal sections in which they appear on Map 1
21st September 1944. Red numbers in circles along coast correspond with paras in Coastal Description Sections IV V VI
15th August 1944. District Divisions as Section XVII - Population
21st September 1944. Coastal outline based on Netherlands chart no 344; Interior based on N E I map Minahasa 1 200,000 no 43-E12417/110x101; Incorporating information from persons with local knowledge
Second edition-AMS 2; Sheet 90-91-92/XIII-XIV; A.M.S. T 541; Prepared under the direction of the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army, by the Army Map Service (LD), U.S. Army, Washington, D.C., 1943. Compiled and drafted from Road Map of Minahasa,…
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