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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea"
6th November 1942. Compiled from aerial photos 22nd October 1942
31st October 1942. From aerial photos; Section Lae to Busur compiled from separate photos and is largely diagramatic
20th February 1943. Terrain study, copy no. 199. Original item has sustained water damage
25th November 1942, Additions and amendments 30th November 1943. Terrain study, copy no. 559. Pages 1-8 in additions and amendments are missing from the original item, pages 13-20 are missing from the original item. Includes loose errata page in…
23rd October 1942. Information: riflemen J.E. Mayos
Contains the individual maps Main tribal areas; Tracks; Distribution of population and native food supplies; Distribution of vegetation
17th October 1943. Photos by F/L Leahy 1932
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