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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "New Hanover, Papua New Guinea"
Based on O.C.E. U.S. Army advance map, German charts and air photos
Contains the individual maps Neu-Hanover: Drei Insel Hafen; Neu-Hanover: West-Hafen; Neu-Hanover: Ungalabu Hafen; Neu-Hanover: Lobungai Hafen; S-Stilier Ozean: Tingwon Gruppe (Portland Inseln); Tingwon Gruppe: Beligila Hafen
Variation for 1927 and applicable for 1937. From the chart produced by the German Admiralty. Reproduced by the Hydrographic Branch, Dept. of the Navy, Sydney
Contains the individual maps Insel Djaul Phonix Hafen; Insel Djaul, Bendemann-und Lamatau Hafen; Insel Djaul, Palmen Hafen; Neu-Mecklenbug, Lossuk Bucht; Neu-Mecklenburg, Beno Hafen (Dorf Hafen); Neu-Mecklenburg, Bagaterre Hafen (Holz Hafen); Insel…