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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Southeast Luzon, Philippines"
Contains the inset enlargement of Catanauan Bay and Tagabas Bay
From US C & GS chart no. 4222; Authorities: surveys to 1928
From US C & GS chart no. 4219; Authorities: surveys to 1916
Contains the inset enlargements of Gubat and Beach - A (near Matnog)
From US C & GS chart no 4226
Contains the enlargement Philippine Islands; 30 July 44
From US C & GS chart no. 4226
Authorities: surveys to 1928
Beach Numbers indicate sub-section in Sec V-VI, Part B; Beach information mostly from USC & GS charts
From USC & GS chart 4274
8th September 1944. Traced from AMS 5301, 1943; Traced by Allied Geographical Section
From USC & GS chart 4273; Surveyed in 1907; Details at Hondagua by Manila R.R. Co.
Contains the inset map Bicol River from mouth to Naga
Sources of information U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, U.S. Army Engineers, Bureau of Public Works, Bureau of Lands, Bureau of Foresty and other Philippine Government Bureaus, provincial and municipal officials; Bureau Coast and Geodetic Survey…
Contains the inset enlargement Legaspi Port, surveyed in 1941
Contains the inset enlargements Viñas River (Surveyed in 1919); Philippine Islands, Ragay Gulf Luzon: Pasacao Anchorage (Surveyed in 1912)
8th September 1944. Terrain study, copy no. 1398; Maps 26-29, 33 part of standard pagination; map 30, 31, 34 are omitted (see contents); Map 36 is missing - see note: Owing to depleted stocks it has not been possible to include Maps 35 and 36. Copies…
From US C & GS chart no 4219
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