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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Ypres, West Flanders, Belgium"
Adressed to Miss W. Lester, "Byrne", Railway Road, Caulfield, Victoria, Australia. Message on card reads "O.A.S. France 29/11/17 Dear Win, You will think I send you nothing but ruins but they are the only cards worth sending about here. Yours Stan"
Message on card reads "France 9/5/18 Dear Win, Here is some more statuary for you. I have written this letter on my knee and consequently have not given much news but I know you will understand. "C'est la guerre" says the Frenchman (they blame…
Message on card reads "France 1/7/16 Dear Winnie, Have not had a mail for a long time the boys are becoming restless about it, we are inclined to thnk it has been sunk. I expect to hear from Clyde soon as he should be near England now; he will have…
Tourists who knew Ypres and its Rue de Lille in the days of peace can best appreciate the awfulness of its fate in the war
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