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Soprano. Milan Symphony Orchestra. Conductor : Ugo Tansini. Appears as 'Lina Pagliugh' on the label.
Act 1. Baritone (Inghilleri), Tenor (Dua), Tenor (Cilla). With Chorus and Orchestra. Conductor : John Barbirolli
New Hall of Fame Collection Series. Act 4, Scene 2. Contralto (Onegin) and Tenor (Chamlee). With Orchestra
Accompaniment arrangement for piano. ; Caption title. ; Italian words
Arrangement for orchestra. ; Caption title. ; Pl. no. : 115968
Act 3. Soprano (Rethberg), Tenor (Lauri-Volpi)
Soprano. With Orchestra
Tenor. With the Orchestra of Staatsoper, Berlin. Conductor : Bruno Seidler-Winkler
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