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The fairy book series
Final part of the Nibelung tetralogy. ; Caption title. ; Subtitle : The dusk of the gods. ; Original title: Siegfried's tod. ; Publisher's no.: 14535
Instrumentation : 1010 - 0210 - perc. - strings. ; Publisher's no. : 876 - 19.
Piano vocal score. ; Publisher's no. : ML 260 - 8.
In B flat. ; Violin part by P.A. Tirindelli. ; Publisher's no. : 103142.
This item features in the Monash University Library exhibition Tall Tales and True: Journeys Real and Imagined. View the virtual exhibition
On the last day of the resurrection, people will be judged according to their deeds recorded in the book of life. St Paul points out that God will judge all the secret thoughts and motives of each individual. There is little mention of the viewpoint…
The lamb of God takes away the burden of the world's sins. The Jews and Muslims may refuse to accept that Jesus was God or the Son of God but the Jewish scriptures predict his coming and his roles. The Muslims' objections to Jesus as godhead as a…
Humans need a sinless advocate or intercessor to God. In the Surah of the Believers, Muhammad is ordered to ask forgiveness from God for his sins (quotes the Arabic).
Jesus was raised from the dead unlike Muhammad and Moses: "I am the path, the truth and the life: no man can reach the Father save through me" [=not through Muhammad]. Jesus is the only source of salvation. Classical Sanskritic Bengali as developed…
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