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Caption title: Achte symphonie, op. 93
Caption title: Dritte symphonie (Eroica), pl. 55
1 orchestra score ; 1st Violin ; 2nd Violin ; Violoncello ; Flute ; Oboe ; 1st Clarinet in A ; Fagotti (Bassoon) ; 1st Cornet in A x 2 ; 1st & 2nd Trombone ; Bass Trombone ; Drums and Percussion (Gran cassa, Platti, Triangolo 7 Tamburino)
For solo voices, chorus and piano. ; Libretto by Eugéne Scribe.
Duration: approx. 25 mins ; Eighth of the twelve London symphonies ; Cover title: Symphony no. 100 (Military symphony) ; Also known as Symphony no. 11
Includes piano music for the intermezzo. ; Libretto by G. Targoni-Tozetti and G. Menasci. ; Based on the novel by Giovani Verga
1st Oboe; 2nd Oboe; 1st Bassoon (Fagotto); 2nd Bassoon (Fagotto); 1st Horn in E; 1st Trumpet (Tromba) in E; 2nd Trumpet (Tromba) in E; 2nd French Horn (Corno) in E; Tuba (Ophicleide); Timpani in E .H.
Caption title : Zwanzigstes concert
Opera in four acts. ; Foreward in English. ; Based on the comedy La falle journée, ou, Le mariage de Figaro by Beaumarchais
Originally titled Almaviva, ossia L'inutile precauzione. ; Based on the comic drama Le barbier di Seville by Beaumarchais
Includes principal melodies. ; For solo voices (SMzTTBarBB) and chorus. ; Foreword written in English
Contains principal melodies. ; For solo voices (SSCTTBarB) and chorus. ; Libretto by Salvatore Cammarano. ; Based on the play El travador by A. Garcia Gutiérrez
Foreword written in English by Lionel S. Mapleson. ; Libretto by composer
For solo voices (SCTTBarB) and chorus. ; Foreward written in English. ; Libretto by composer
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