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Loch Kinellan is a small loch with wooded banks and an islet whereon is the reputed "burial place of Ellen," as its name implies. In the immediate neighbourhood is the "View Rock," from which, though only 500 feet high, a grand view of the…
Message on card reads "These are lovely links, sorry I can't play for my side. I think it is getting better. Kind regards from H. From your loving sister Rhoda"
Message on card reads "We go along here when we go to our apartments, it is a very quiet little place, but ver nice. Such nice walks. Love from Rhoda."
Message on card reads "I have put cross at the house we are staying. I am writing this P.C. in the room with the cross on. We have a lovely view of the country in the front and the sea at the back. R. The first cross is wrong, the one in ink"
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