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Mrs. R. Taylor (Honorary Secretary)
Mrs. Montague Moore, Miss Pearce
Mr. J. Bleazby (President), Mr. J. Borlase (Honorary Secretary)
Miss Duigan, Miss Kathy Green, Miss Proudfoot, Miss Macgregor, Fraulein Linden, Miss A. Gray, Miss Rix (Performers), Mrs Thos. Baker, Miss Shaw
W.E. Adams, G.M. Buchanan, T.M. Burroughs, F.W. Harwood, W. Harrison, J.M. Manson, L.E. Montgomerie, E.A. Pleasents, W. Shelley (Stewards)
Perfumed by L.T. Piver parfumerie, Paris
List of trysting places on back of card
Original date was 19th May and has been changed by the owner
Perfumed by L.T. Piver parfumerie Paris
Includes an advertisement for Montgomery's
Perfumed by L.T. Piver parfumerie, Paris
Stanley Gordon Clark (Chairman of Committee), Major G.C. Garrick, Major H.D. Roberts (Joint Honorary Secretaries)
Brother C. Pescia (Chairman), Brother Watson (Master of Ceremony), Brother Sheppard (Master of Ceremony), Brother J. Ross (Honorary Treasurer), Brother T. Stanborough (Honorary Secretary)
Brother W. Ryan (Chairman), Brother Watson (Master of Ceremonies), Brother Sheppard (Master of Ceremonies), Brother J. Ross (Honorary Treasurer), Brother C. Pescia (Honorary Secretary)
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