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Looking southwards from the Queen's Park, Wellington, a very fine panoramic view is to be had of the whole of the city and the surrounding hill suburbs. The signal station is situated on the highest point of the mountain range, in the background,…
So extensive is that remarkable, sinuous sheet of water known to the world as Sydney Harbour that it has to photographed from hundreds of standpoints to get anything like justice done to its myriad charms. Fortunately, Nature has, provided many…
25th November 1943. Copied from captured Jap. Document dated 3 Aug, 1942
21st September 1944. Close aerial photograph showing the South Harbor, also showing a ship with plumes of smoke from an aerial attack.
21st September 1944. Aerial photograph of North Harbor, also showing Pasig River.
20th November 1943. From the German Government chart 407. All bearings are true (thus 126") and are given from Seaward. For abbreviations see Admiralty chart 5011. Sounding in fathoms (under eleven in fathoms and feet) reduced approximately to the…
All bearings are true (thus:- 126? and are given from seaward. Sounding in fathoms (under eleven in fathoms and feet) Reduced approximately to the level of Indian spring low water.
Contains the individual photographs numbered 27-31 Berhala Island; Sandakan Harbour, panorama; Sandakan golf course; Sandakan, lunatic asylum at Tg Papat; Sandakan, part of town behind Government Wharf
Contains the individual maps Buka Strait; Enus Harbour; Numa Numa Harbour; Approaches to Buka Strait; Buka Island: Queen Carola Harbour; Gazelle Harbour
. Reproduced by the Hydrographic Branch, Dept. of the Navy, Sydney, 1942. From the chart, published by the German Admiralty, 1909
Contains the individual maps New Britain: south coast: Fulleborn Harbour; New Britain: south east coast: south west part of Jacquinot Bay
Traced from German chart
Contains inset map Yokkaichi area
5th November 1944. With additions & corrections by A.G.S. from aerial photographs
Photograph 4 Panoramic view of main piers, Kobe Harbor; Photograph 5 View from Pier 4 in Kobe Harbor; Photograph 6 Toshin Quay and warehouse in Kobe Harbor; Photograph 7 Main pier (wood) in Osaka Harbor: looking west (pre-war).
Contains the individual maps New Britain: Henry Reid Bay; New Britain: Tavanatangir Harbour (Powell Haven); New Britain: Adler Bay; New Britain: Eber Bay; New Britain: Pondo Harbour; New Britain: Watassellibuka Bay to Wunatalisse Bay; New Britain:…
Also includes the maps Blanch Bay: Greet Harbour; New Britain: Kokopo; New Britain: Massava Bay; New Britain: Ataliklikun Bay Unter Kambeira
Contains the individual maps Linden Hafen; Thilenius Hafen; Ablingi Hafen
Includes the inset maps Iloilo River; Philippines Islands: west coast of Guimaras: Santa Ana Bay
From an album of photographs of Australian buildings and places by Charles Bristow Walker and unknown artists.
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