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One photograph album with ownership inscription, "Clarence Holt, 'Corrahymn', Hartington St, Elsternwick". Photographs of Melbourne, War Bond banners, State Savings Bank (Elizabeth St.), Portarlington, S.S. Edina, Heidelberg, Caulfield Military…
Published to accompany the exhibition held at 200 Gertrude Street, 5-27 August, 1994.

Photograph shows a bookstall on a train platform with 5 men in suits and one child. The stall has prints, books, newspapers and periodicals.

"Any Book or Paper in the World Obtained at [Cheap]est Rates...[est] Notice."
"N.S.W. Bookstall Co. Sole…
Bound album of an unidentified person. This appears to be an album put together by a young Australian gentleman when on tour in Europe in 1911-1918? Consists mostly of published postcards of European places. Includes some postcards of Sydney,…
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