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12th November 1944. From Philippine Is AMS S401
24th August 1944. Compiled from 1939 census of the Philippines.
24th August 1944. Language map showing approximate distribution of ethnic and language groups.
Table showing town (poblacion) population (1939) and highway mileages for cities and stations in Luzon, P.I. (These distances are by shortest and most practicable routes generally and are subject to some variation along alternate routes.) ;…
5th October 1944. Map showing Tagalogs, Ilocanos, Pampangans, Zambalinos, Negritos or Ilongot tribes. Based on USC & GS Manila 1941 sheet 100. Additional imformation by Allied Geographical Section 5 Oct 44.
7th November 1944. (Ref secs XVII & XVIII) this note relates to section XVII & XVIII of the handbook.
Based on Aust. Aero. Series sheets NC 4 & ND 4.
1944 April. Reproduced by 2/1 Australian Army Topographical Survey Company.
15th August 1944. District Divisions as Section XVII - Population
30th August 1944. Based on AMS S401 First edition NC51-3. Additional information by Allied Geographical Section; Ref Section XVII
15th September 1944. Based on Philippine Islands, Northern Luzon, First edition AMS 1
Figures from census of the Philippines 1939
3rd March 1943. Numbers quoted from 1940 report represent only enumerated population. Inland population greatly exceeds these figures
29th September 1943
Contains inset maps Shingu; Population
Based on U.S. Moluccan Is 1:125000 with additional information from informants
Includes inset map showing northern, central and southern areas
Includes inset map showing northern, central and southern areas; Calamian Group population map
Includes inset map showing northern, central and southern areas
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