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Cover title : Sonata no.2 in E flat major for flute and piano.
Cover title. ; Caption title : Konzert für klavier in D moll
Duration: about 37 min ; Pl. no. : B. & H. 9009
Duration: 23 mins. ; Last 17 bars scored by Tibor Serly. ; Pl. no. : B. & H. 9122
Caption title: Achte symphonie, op. 93
Caption title: Dritte symphonie (Eroica), pl. 55
Overture to the play by Collin. ; Publisher's no. : 4072
Duration: 24 mins. ; Includes brief biographical sketch in English
Duration: 24 mins. ; Includes brief biographical sketch in English
Overture to Goethe's drama. ; Caption title: Egmont : ouverture zu Goethe's trauerspiel
Overture to the ballet Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus by S. Viganò. ; Cover title. ; Publisher's no. : 4071
Piano score. ; Pl. no. : 41007 ; Performed for the first time at the Scala Theatre, Milan, 26th December 1831.
Duration: approx. 52 mins ; Foreword and analysis written in French, German and English ; Subtitle: Épisode de la vie d'un artiste = an episode in the life of an artist
First performed April 9th, 1834, at Paris Conservatoire under the direction of Narcisse Guard. ; Caption titles: Ouverture König Lear and Overture King Lear. ; Based on Shakespeare's King Lear. ; Pl. no. : E. E. 3719
First published : Berlin : N. Simrock. ; Vocal score with piano. ; Text in German, English and French. ; "English version by Mrs. John P. Morgan ... the only translation authorized by the composer".
Foreword written in Chinese. ; Parallel title in Chinese. ; Pl. no. : OGT 31
Foreward and analysis written in English, German and French ; Second imprint reads Universal - edition A. G. Wien - New York ; Pl. no. : U. E. 7582 W. Ph. V. 249
Second imprint: Universal edition A. G. ; Based on Sicilian and Neopolitan melodies ; Pl. no. : U. E. 7505 W. Ph. V. 210
For piano and orchestra ; orchestral part arr. for 2nd piano.
Duration: approx. 25 mins ; Eighth of the twelve London symphonies ; Cover title: Symphony no. 100 (Military symphony) ; Also known as Symphony no. 11
Stainer & Bell : 519. ; For voice and piano.
Duration: 15 mins. ; Suggested by the poem Les préludes by Lamartine
Includes French and German texts of the poem Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne. ; Also known as the Berg-symphonie. ; Based on the poem Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne by Victor Hugo
Incidental music to V. Hugo's Ruy Blas. ; Pl. no. : E. E. 3711
Caption title : Zwanzigstes concert
Duration: 26 mins. ; Includes analysis and transposition chart. ; For string orchestra
Concerto for violin. Accompaniment: 2 vilions,viola, bass, 2 oboes, 2 horns, A major -- Adagio for violin. Accompaniment: 2 violins, viola bass, 2 flutes, 2 horns, E major -- Rondo concertant for violin. Accompaniment: 2 violins, viola, bass, 2…
Duration: 17 mins. ; Includes brief biographical sketch
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