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Photo shows how clearly the name & nationality of the vessel are painted on her side.
Owing to the racing authorities having suspended The Derby this year Tommies at Epsom hold a meeting of their own. Photo shows wounded soldiers watching the race from the grandstand.
Also includes a Includes card titled "Greetings from France"
Supplementary ration card issued to Norman William McLeod of Icknield Road, Leagrave. The retailer is E.W. Oulham, 198 Dunstable Road, Luton.
State War Councils provided practical assistance, employment support and soldier settlement in each state during and after World War I. From the collection of Mrs. Gershon Bennett, daughter of Sir John Monash.
Single-leaf flier calling for produce and various articles to be donated to the Red Cross for sending to "sick and wounded soldiers at home and abroad", as "Valentine gifts".
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