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  • Collection: Ephemera Exhibition
Chef de Cuisine: C. A. Delahay, Baker: A. J. Eltham
Handwritten notes on inside cover reads: Lilian Putland, Amy G. Lewis, Betty Shaw, Edith B. Smith
A map of the prisoner of war and internee camps in Asia showing international boundaries and populated places.
The official programme for the opening of the Hargrave-Andrew Library, accompanied by a typed sheet giving further details of the programme.
The speech given by Mr. Ernest Clark, Librarian at the opening of the University Library, Monash University on Saturday 4th April 1964
Pamphlet for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, 22nd Nov - 8th Dec 1956
Accompanied by an envelope with a letter from Arthur Tuckett to T. L. Adams, 12th March 1926, with blueprint plan of the land.
1 boxed game including 8 cards, cover pieces and 90 numbers
Public reading of the news In order to satisfy the eager desire of the public to learn the news of the day, and with a view of preventing the circulation of incorrect reports, arrangement have been made for reading the London…
A satirical poem referring to a motion to address the Crown for the dismissal of Sir Robert Walpole which was defeated in the House of Commons in Feb. 1741.
"Sold in Bow-Church-yard and in Queen Street, Southwark."
Two rotating, hand-coloured discs showing the hemispheres of the earth, fixed to a card giving details of their use.
Holes in the card show the sun and planets backed by coloured paper.