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  • Collection: Allied Geographical Section: WWII Special Reports
17th March 1944. Reproduced by OCE - GHQ.
27th January 1944. Reproduced by OCE - GHQ.
Contains inset map Reliability Diagram
20th March 1944. From NNGPM Photomap.
August 1929. Dutch catalogue no. 234.
Contains inset maps; Westkust Aroe-Eilanden Vaarwater naar Dobo; Westkust Aroe-Eilanden Westelijke ingang der Soengai Maikoor; Noorkust Aroe-Eilanden Djedan-Eilanden; Oostkust Aroe-Eilanden Watoelai-Eilanden; Westkust Aroe-Eilanden Mond der Soengai…
Contains the individual photographs Fatoeral village, looking east; Naigoeli village, looking east; Naigoeli village and coast northwards, looking east
Contains the individual photographs Faroemi village, looking east; Kalar-Kalar village, looking east; West coast of Trangan I. near the mouth of the South Sewatoe, looking east; Tg Derehi and mouth of the South Sewatoe, looking SE; Rebi village,…
Contains the individual photographs Fatoedjoering and beach south westward of the cape; Babi Is.; Babi Is. looking SE
Contains the individual photographs Dobo and north east of Wamar Island to Tg Oelar; Dobo Roadstead looking WSW; Beach northward of Cape Batoe Kora on Wamar Is.; Beach just south of Batoe Kora on Wamar Is. (at half tide, with a strong NW wind…
Contains inset map of expanded area
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