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Published by command of General MacArthur.

Series: Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l'Académie des sciences ; t. 127.

Comptes rendus t. 127 also contains further work by the Curies, G. Bemont and E. Demarcay on radium (Cf. t.127, p.1215-18).

Bound in volume with "Sur une…

Handbook for Military Artificers 1877.pdf
"Before proceeding to describe the construction of any particular article, it may be useful to describe some of the most common methods in use for jointing timbers under various circumstances..."

A scarce and highly unusual children's book in that it treats of a topical political issue, in this case 'Votes for Women'. Kathleen Ainslie took her inspiration from Florence Upton and her The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls (origin of Golliwogg). She…

Booklabel: Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, Melbourne.

Coloured lithograph illustrations, with text lithographed as handwriting.
A pioneer newspaper from Mashonaland (Northern region of Zimbabwe). Handwritten and printed with a cyclostyle. The paper focuses on the first Matabele War between troops from the British South Africa Company and the Ndebele Kingdom.
A pioneer newspaper from Mashonaland (Northern region of Zimbabwe). Handwritten and printed with a cyclostyle. The paper focuses on the first Matabele War between troops from the British South Africa Company and the Ndebele Kingdom.
Started July 21,…
Manuscript book drawn and illustrated by what appears to be two girls. Includes six original drawings, mostly animals and children as subjects.
Made on pages taken from a printed book.
A hand-lettered, hand-drawn and coloured children's book, circa 1940s.

In this small book, a cheap volume intended for sale at railway stations, John George Wood describes some basic gymnastic exercises. He covers exercises both with and without apparatuses, such as parallel bars, poles, and ropes, with accompanying…
From the collection of John Holroyd.

[...] Diogenes Laertius divides the philosophy of the Greeks into the Ionic, beginning with Anaximander, and ending with Theophrastus (in which class, he includes the Socratic philosophy and all its various ramifications) ; and the Italian, beginning…

[...] The object of the Novum Organum, and of Bacon's philosophy in general, is, statd summarily, to enlarge the dominion of man, 'Regnum Hominis' ad he phrases it, by increasing his knowledge of Nature and his power over her operations. This end can…

The Greek Antiquities are full of Poetical Fictions, because the Greeks wrote nothing in Prose, before the Conquest of Asia by Cyrus the Perisan, Then Pherecydes Scyrius and Cadmus Milesius introduced the writing in Prose. Pherecydes Atheniensis,…

" The true philosophy of life is the endeavour to realize our aspirations - to love our best thoughts, which, like wandering angels, visit us in our better moments. ours of quiet and retirement give us glimpses of a better and a holier life which…

Railway and tramway map of Melbourne and suburbs with tram time tables : showing railways, cable tramways, electric tramways, authorised electric additions. Inset: Sunshine.

Australian Ladies Annual 1878.pdf
Contributions by: "Tasma", H.N.B., Mrs. J.A. Bode, Mrs. Dampier, Mrs. Cross, Mrs. Meredith, "Sylvia", Mrs. T.P. Hill, "Little Rosebud", Miss Donnelly, Miss Cheeseman, "Constance Craig", Miss Card, and others.
"First year of publication"

From the collection of N. W. Saffin, and with ms. note in front "To Dr. Norman W. Saffin" explaining that this copy belonged to Rev. Albert Rivett who died at the meeting for Egon Kisch in Sydney Domain, 18 Nov. 1934

This item has been digitised and made available with the permission of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (Australian Section): with acknowledgement to Susan Hogan, Adela Pankhurst's granddaughter, and…

War in the Pacific.pdf
"The following pages give a short outline of the more recent happenings in he Pacific zone. Much of the material is first-hand knowledge, collected in the years of travel and investigation in the Far East, made possible by my work as a newspaper…
Began July 1918, ceased July/August 1919. "Honour to those, who, unable to take their place on the Field of Battle, stand firmly behind the lines, ready to make any sacrifice that will bring greater strength to those who serve and suffer to King and…
"But for the strength of the Empire's Navy, enemy aeroplanes would be over Melbourne [?]"
A souvenir of an exhibition of physical training exercises and folk dancing performed by 10,000 state school students and conducted by the Education Dept. for the purpose of raising money for the Patriotic Fund which according to the text on the…
Single-leaf flier calling for produce and various articles to be donated to the Red Cross for sending to "sick and wounded soldiers at home and abroad", as "Valentine gifts". "Supplement to N.S.W. Red Cross Record, January 12th 1916."
Rare copy from the Lindsay Shaw Collection. Written for children, "with the approval of the Tasmanian Education Dept."
Rare copy from Lindsay Shaw Collection. Open door (Melbourne, Vic. : 1920)
One photograph album with ownership inscription, "Clarence Holt, 'Corrahymn', Hartington St, Elsternwick". Photographs of Melbourne, War Bond banners, State Savings Bank (Elizabeth St.), Portarlington, S.S. Edina, Heidelberg, Caulfield Military…
Reissue of Remnants from Randwick. No. 2. Illustration on front cover, by Fred Brown, shows a soldier in bed, sketching.
Rare copy from the Richard Travers Collection. Includes nominal roll.
For medium voice and piano; includes symbols for ukulele in original key, piano-accordeon, banjo and guitar, and charts for ukulele. "Dedicated to the A.I.F." , "Keep your tail up Mr. Kangaroo"
For voice and piano. "Welcome home edition."
Popular sixpenny edition ; no. 594. "By special arrangement with Francis, Day & Hunter, London." Copy 1 cover illustration shows a ventriloquist and his doll, "Sidney James and "Billy" of the Royal Strollers." Copy 2 illustration shows Hugh Steyne.