Japanese soldier on his way for water


Japanese soldier on his way for water



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The Japanese private soldier with the two kegs is on his way to a well for water. It is such a cold morning he has covered his throat and ears, but in spite of the severity of the weather he has thrown aside the American shoes, furnished to the army by the Japanese government, and is wearing the native straw sandals and cloth stockings. When the Japanese were asked how they took Two Hundred and Three Meter Hill they replied eagerly : "By taking off our boots." When the soldiers had reached the last resting place below the mouths of the guns on the hill, when they found that it would be impossible to climb the precipice in boots, they, without waiting for orders, pulled the boots off and, improvising sandals from the rough rice sacking, thus prepared their feet for the task before them. A whole day they lay still, the Russians 150 yards above them. When night came they crawled up like ants on a wall and, quietly leaping over the parapet, put the Russians to flight in a final deathly struggle.


1 stereograph. 2 photomechanical prints on stereo card : halftone, stereograph, color ; 9 x 18 cm


1905 Ingersoll, T.W.
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Barry, Richard and Barry, Richard (photographer), “Japanese soldier on his way for water,” Monash Collections Online, accessed July 15, 2024, https://repository.erc.monash.edu/items/show/13832.

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