Chinese coolies taking it easy


Chinese coolies taking it easy



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These two Chinamen look comfortable enough, don't they? By looking at them one would never guess that they are seated half-way between two fighting armies. But even while this picture was taken, the Japanese shells were flying over their heads into Port Arthur, screaming and whistling. From their position the men saw before them the Japanese lines and the smoke and flames spouted by the eleven-inch mortars. Behind them was a slight ridge of rock, protecting them from any bullets or shot from the Russian lines. It was only ten minutes' walk, as the crow flies, from Port Arthur. These men were returning from Dalny and had ventured to make a short cut between the hostile camps to reach their home on the other side of Port Arthur the sooner. The baskets by their sides had contained eggs which they sold at Dalny at a good price.


1 stereograph. 2 photomechanical prints on stereo card : halftone, stereograph, color ; 9 x 18 cm


1905 Ingersoll, T.W.
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Barry, Richard and Barry, Richard (photographer), “Chinese coolies taking it easy,” Monash Collections Online, accessed April 12, 2024,

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