Japanese army reserves leaving Dalny for Port Arthur


Japanese army reserves leaving Dalny for Port Arthur



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Port Arthur was taken at a fearful cost. Thousands of the brave little Japs were sacrificed that a few surviving ones might succeed in scaling the parapet of a Russian fort. Hundreds fell at every few yards' approach nearer to the enemy, but fifty out of every hundred were safe and at a given signal they climbed and crawled ten or twenty yards further up, losing half of their men again, and so on, until a bare half dozen out of a hundred could cry "Banzai" as they put their feet on the top and rushed at the enemy with their bayonets. From below the lost lives were to be replaced. As the front line grew thinner and thinner on their way up, a second line followed in their tracks, occupying the places they left behind thern, and a third and fourth line followed, so that no advantage once gained might be, lost again.


1 stereograph. 2 photomechanical prints on stereo card : halftone, stereograph, color ; 9 x 18 cm


1905 Ingersoll, T.W.
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Barry, Richard and Barry, Richard (photographer), “Japanese army reserves leaving Dalny for Port Arthur,” Monash Collections Online, accessed May 30, 2024, https://repository.erc.monash.edu/items/show/14015.

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