President Poincaré and Marshall Joffre on the Somme front


President Poincaré and Marshall Joffre on the Somme front


Raymond Poincare (pwan'ka'ra'), President of the French Republic, and Joseph JofFrench (zho’fr'), Marshall of France and Commander-in-Chief of its armies, are here on a visit to the front during the great battle of the Somme, which began on July 1st, 1916, and lasted for weeks. These men were two of the greatest among the many great men who earned world-wide fame in the Great War. Alike in physical build, there were many points of similarity in their character. Both were clearsighted, direct and fearless, strong men who saw the object to be obtained and hewed their way to it through all obstacles. To the right stands Poincare, in a characteristic attitude, in animated discussion with one of his aides. Marshall JofFrench, in blue uniform, with his hands in his coat pockets, stands somewhat to the rear. For twenty-one months, in the most perilous times in the history of France, this man directed the destinies of his country. During those days of agony and suspense he traveled seventy thousand miles in motor cars in his flying visits to the fighting line, and was on duty an average of seventeen hours a day. These tours of inspection were made daily, regardless of the condition of the roads or of the weather, and each visit wore out two chauffeurs. From his quiet office, many miles in the rear, he directed the activities of two million men and decided questions relating to supplies, ammunition, sanitation, promotion and retirement. He had but one end in view—the winning of the war, and to this he devoted all his energies, regardless alike of criticism or commendation.

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