Ruins of Soissons and its two great cathedrals


Ruins of Soissons and its two great cathedrals


Soissons, spread out along the sloping banks of the Aisne, peaceful, and beautiful with its magnificent cathedrals, its parks, schools and busy industrial life is before you, in ruins. Early in 1915 the first German shell came hurtling through the air and crashed through the roof of this splendid old cathedral. In spite of the fact that the heads of the church had given their word of honor that the tower was not being used for military purposes the Germans made it the target of their guns. Since then it was shelled intermittently until the Spring of 1918 when the deluge of enemy steel thoroughly completed the dastardly work. Look well and you will see that the terrific bombardment has destroyed almost every vestige of the delicate stone work that framed the windows and covered the tower. Beyond you can see one of the towers of an old, old abbey, highly revered by the French people because of its association with the religious history of the nation. Both of its towers, there are two of them, are splintered and broken by the shelling which the Germans considered necessary. Opposite the cathedral is the wreckage of a dwelling. And near it stands one of those French soldiers who did his share toward punishing the enemy for his monstrous treatment of these once beautiful edifices.

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