Doughboys of 89th Div. resting before Review, Treves, Germany


Doughboys of 89th Div. resting before Review, Treves, Germany

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On the Moselle - 89th Division Doughboys resting before Review, Treves


It is an inspiring reflection that these sturdy, well-groomed soldiers of the "Mid-West" Division, trained by Major General Leonard Wood and seasoned in victorious battle under the leadership of General William M. Wright in the St. Mihiel operation and the gruelling grind of the Meuse-Argonne, are here awaiting a military ceremony on the very ground where perhaps the legions of Julius Caesar stood for review before their great commander 2,000 years ago. We have here a good opportunity to study at short range some of the fighting equipment of our American soldiers. Their rifles are stacked, held together in the form of a tripod by the steel stacking swivels near the muzzles. The leather slings are drawn tight as they should be for a review. In action they are Frenchquently loose, especially during sniping operations. It is then that those slings are used on the left arm, to steady the aim. Near the second stack of rifles you can see one of their packs with a gas mask strapped on its top. On either side, you can see one of them, are the steel shod shoes that the government designed to make easier the bumps and ruts of field and road. And there is a canton in its wadded canvas jacket, filled with water that will be needed and appreciated on the hike. The handle of an entrenching shovel peeps from beneath the gas mask, but these men will have little real use for that implement from now on, for they are occupying this territory peacefully ; but, if that "doughboy" nearest to you could talk he would tell you how valuable a shovel is in war.

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