U.S. Army tractor negotiating the steep declivities of Rhine at Koblenz


U.S. Army tractor negotiating the steep declivities of Rhine at Koblenz

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U.S. Army tractor ascending Rhine bank near Koblenz


Army tractors such as this were used to haul heavy artillery and long trains of supply wagons over the roads of France and Germany. They could jog along at a lively rate, and no load seemed too heavy for them. It was no unusual sight to see one coming along with a string of vicious-looking French 75's (75 mm. rapid fire guns), or a long line of transport wagons attached to it Apparently these tractors could go anywhere, no matter what the nature of the ground. It seems incredible that one could climb a steep bank like the one before us, yet they could, and did. As the large sprocket wheels at the ends of the machine turn, the tractor goes forward, laying down its own track as it moves. The "track" is composed of flat pieces of steel attached to the endless chain tread with which the running gear of the machine is equipped. The small roller wheels beneath the channel bar section of the frame carry the load of the tractor. In the distance can be seen the city of Koblenz, at the confluence of the Rhine and the Moselle. It is a beautiful city, with wide, clean streets and substantial stone buildings. Charming pleasure gardens, the Rhein-Anlagen, lie along the river front, which is further embellished by princely homes. The river sweeping off in a wide curve to the right is the Moselle. In midstream one can see one of the tows so common on the Rhine. The current of both rivers is very swift, yet most of the traffic is done by barges, which must be towed up the rivers by powerful tugs, Of the Rhine itself a mere strip can be seen over the front of the tractor, and beyond this strip, barely discernible, the colossal statue to William 1st, the first Emperor of Germany.

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