Hospital deck on giant transport Leviathan


Hospital deck on giant transport Leviathan


Almost any soldier who looked on this deck full of sick soldiers would remark in no uncertain terms, "That ship is headed for the U. S. A." He would know from a dozen little details in the clothing of the men and from the habits that their appearance betrays, for there are many things that mark a man as one of those who have "been over." If you look at that cane which one of the soldiers is carrying, you will see that it differs from the ordinary cane in that it has a huge spike in the end of it. Those canes were carried by men many, many miles on the march and through the winding trenches in which one had to feel his way in the black of night. To the less seriously injured and sick these open air berths along the decks of the huge transport were a boon. Bracing sea air twenty-four hours each day and a continuous stream of passers-by left little for them to wish for and much to be thankful for. A sergeant has stopped to talk to one of the men and farther along the line you can see two who are not too ill to sit up and take an interest in you and what is going on along their side of the deck. Despite its monotony, the trip home across the Atlantic Ocean was an experience few of them will forget, especially those who had passage on this huge transport which, formerly, was the pride of the German Mercantile Marine.



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