Famous bridge over Marne, toward Hotel de Ville and heights of old chateau


Famous bridge over Marne, toward Hotel de Ville and heights of old chateau

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View of the famous bridge over the Marne


The town of Chateau-Thierry lies on both banks of the Marne. This view, taken from the south side of the river, looks toward the city hall and the heights beyond. The bridge is in part a temporary structure with ruins of masonry at one end. The temporary structure replaces part of the bridge blown out to hinder the advance of the Germans. This was the famous iron bridge, where the American troops first met the enemy at Chateau-Thierry. Many of the American soldiers engaged here had been called from quiet sectors, and although this was their first experience at real fighting, they proved superior to the veteran Germans who opposed them. On May 30, 1918, the Germans reached the Marne, east of Chateau-Thierry, and advanced along its north bank on the city. Pouring through a gap in the Allied lines to the left of the town, they advanced down its streets intending to establish themselves on the south side of the Marne. The American machine gunners, who were 100 kilometers to the rear, were ordered into motor-trucks and after travelling all night reached the south bank of the Marne at Chateau-Thierry early in the morning of June 1, in time to place their guns and to prevent the Germans from crossing. When the Germans under the protection of smoke from smoke-bombs, did attempt to cross this bridge, the Americans were equal to the emergency, part of the bridge was blown out and the enemy was held to the north bank of the Marne until the great American and French drive in July, 1918, swept them far back in rapid retreat.

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