Gallant legionaries of Czecho-slovakia on Parade, Prague


Gallant legionaries of Czecho-slovakia on Parade, Prague

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Legionaries of Czechoslovakia, Prague


These gallant men are in their native country again after travels and adventures almost as wonderful as those of Xenaphon's wow Greeks. Prisoners of war in Russia, they banded together for self-protection and organized themselves into an army after the deposition of the Czar and the outbreak of the revolution. They lacked everything arms, ammunition, provender ; but little by little these were procured and the Czechoslovakia army became a force to be reckoned with. Everywhere they f ought the Germans, and when the Ukraine declared itself independent and made peace with Germany, these men, 50,00o strong, found themselves in a desperate situation. In the Ukraine, near Kief (ke'yef ), the Germans were advancing in overwhelming numbers. Refusing to negotiate with the Emperor Charles of Austria, the Czechoslovakia army started to retreat eastward. The Germans intercepted them at Bachman and a four-day fight resulted in the defeat of the Huns. The Czechs continued their retreat, crossing Siberia in 57 days on 8o trains. Before leaving Russia they turned over to the Soviet government arms, autos, airplanes and other supplies worth a hundred million rubles, all taken from the Germans. From Vladivostok they reached France by sea, thence home after the armistice. The Czechoslovaks are part of the Slav race and come from parts of Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, and the northern part of Hungary. Prague, the city through whose streets they are marching, is the capital of Bohemia. Before the war it was a great resort for tourists ; it was a city intensely interesting, gay and picturesque.



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