Doughnuts for Doughboys - Montabaur on the Rhine


Doughnuts for Doughboys - Montabaur on the Rhine

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Doughnuts for Doughboys


Fresh doughnuts hot from the oven ! A real treat for our boys. Not even chocolate pleased them more. See the gratified expression on their faces. Some chow ! Even the Y girls seem to be enjoying the occasion. And why should they not ? Anything and everything for Our doughboys, that was their motto. This was but one of the many activities of the Y in France and Germany, Athletics, theatricals, education, distributing cigarettes and candy, all this entered into their job. No sooner did the Y girl arrive than she began to think of doughnuts, and of hot cocoa and cakes for the boys. And the boys began to lick their lips in anticipation. They fetched and carried wood, the girls got flour and sugar somewhere, somehow, cocoa was cooked in washboilers, cans, anything that was new or clean pans were scoured, doughnuts cut out and soon sizzling over the fire. In the towns on the Rhine, German women could often be hired to cook the doughnuts, and they fried them by thousands. It was no unusual thing to see Y men lugging a washbasket full of doughnuts from the bakers to their hut, and the savory smell of them made a man's mouth water. The girls making doughnuts never had to ask twice for assistants. Our "boys" liked to hang around when that job was going on. Cutting out the doughnuts was fun, splitting wood for the fire a joke, and when the doughnuts came hot and fragrant from the pan Oh Boy !

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