China Sea Borneo - North West Coast: Tanjong Baram to Tanjong Nosong


China Sea Borneo - North West Coast: Tanjong Baram to Tanjong Nosong


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2 March 1944. Principally from surveys by Capt. E.C.C. Pasco, R.N. Comm. B.O.M. Davy, R.N and the officers of H.M surveying ship "Merlin" 1911 to 1913. Brunei Bay from various admiralty surveys 1845-1927, with additions from admiralty surveys to 1933. Figures on the land and those bracketted against islands and rocks express the heights in feet above high water springs. Underlined figures on the dry banks express the heights in feet above the datum to which the soundings are reduced. All bearings are true and are given from seaward. Soundings in fathoms reduced approximately to the level of Indian spring low water. Note according to later determinations the longitudes of all places on this chart should be diminished by 3 seconds (1936). Caution certain lights, bouys and beacons in the inner waters and channels are not shown on this chart : for these larger scale charts must be consulted. Note attention is called to the remarks on currents and tidal streams in the sailing directions. date top corner 7-11-44. Includes chart of tidal information. and conversion table. small corrections 1935. Published by the admiralty 4th May 1926 under the superintendence of Captain H.P. Douglas. New editions large corrections 1st Feb 1935. Engraved 1929. No 2109. Reprod.uced by Hydrographic Branch, Syndey, from British Admiralty Charts





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Allied Geographical Section South West Pacific Area Terrain Studies

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Allied Geographical Section, “China Sea Borneo - North West Coast: Tanjong Baram to Tanjong Nosong,” Monash Collections Online, accessed July 23, 2024,

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