Amra Isa Masihke Mani


Amra Isa Masihke Mani

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We Accept Jesus the Messiah
We honour Jesus Christ



C.S. Mead's problem was that Hindus knew nothing of Jesus while Bengali Muslims thought that they already knew everything important about him through the Qur'an: they hoped that "correct" acceptance would grant them admission into Heaven. But the New Testament showed that those who only accepted Jesus by mouth would all be utterly annihilated. Mead politely likened the Muslims to those who threw royal robes upon Jesus and then handed him over for crucifixion. Jesus said that he had come in the world to atone with his life for the sins of humanity. But the Qur'an says that Jesus never died: if true, that would mean that Jesus told a lie. Jesus said that only through him could an individual come to God: here the Bengali Mullahs protest "no! this is untrue: if we pray, fast, give the religious alms, do hajj and read out the Qur'an then we will go to Paradise".
Title translation and description by Dr. Dennis Walker, Monash Asia Institute, Faculty of Arts, Monash University.
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Rouse, G. H., Tracts on Islam. pages 43-46. Original item held by Global Interaction




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Mead, C. S., “Amra Isa Masihke Mani,” Monash Collections Online, accessed May 30, 2024,

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