The Princes Fire - Flash and Fire - Fade


The Princes Fire - Flash and Fire - Fade

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Japanese fairy tale series, no. 14


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1887 - 07 - 16


"Prince Fire - fade, who was skilled at hunting, lost the fishhook that belonged to his older brother, Prince Fire - flash, who was skilled at fishing. As Prince Fire - fade grieved that Prince Fire - flash was beside himself with anger, the Wise Old Man of the Sea heard his story and had him journey to the palace of the Sea - King, where he married the Sea - King's princess. One night three years later, he told the story about the lost hook to the Sea - King, who had it taken from the mouth of a "tai" (i.e., snapper). Prince Fire - fade fled back to his home after getting it. The Sea - King used his power to make Prince Fire - fade's crops prosper and Prince Fire - flash's fail. Reduced to poverty, Prince Fire - flash plotted to kill his brother, who was saved by the Tide - flowing jewel he received from the Sea - King. He used the jewel to summon the tide and drown his brother, but then rescued him using the Tide - ebbing jewel and caused him to repent." (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies,




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