Common objects of the microscope


Common objects of the microscope



This is a yellow-back issue of the third edition of J. G. Wood's Common Objects of the Microscope, which was first published in 1861. The third edition of Common Objects of the Microscope included significant revisions, and additional illustrations, by E. C. Bousfield. 

Microscopes date back to the mid-seventeenth century, but they became significantly more advanced in the late nineteenth century. Among the significant advances were the development of condenser and objective lenses that allowed sufficient light and magnification. J. G. Wood sought to present the wonderful world of the microscope to the general public, and the popular yellow-back versions of his work helped see this realised. Yellow-backs were a popular form of mass-market printing in Britain in the late nineteenth century. This volume contains many illustrations, including 15 leaves of places scattered throughout, which was uncommon in yellow-backs.

The Monash copy has had a notice pasted onto the title page (covering the publisher's details), reading: "Notice. The Instruments mentioned in this work may be obtained at the establishments of Messrs. Primavesi Bros., Obticians, Wellington House, Bournemouth, Hants."






iv, 188 pages, xii plates, 18 cm

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Wood, John George, 1827 - 1889, “Common objects of the microscope,” Monash Collections Online, accessed June 20, 2024,

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