per illud tutatonem ti gratiatur visitato praesent programma


per illud tutatonem ti gratiatur visitato praesent programma


Melbourne, Mon. Uni. Ms. Bischoff frag. 007
MS 1828

Date Created


2 columns plus marginal notes. Rubricated. Text area is 215 x 145 mm. No. of lines: 55. Col width: 68mm. Line height: 4mm. Ruling: none. Page numbering: none.

First line recto: per illud tutatonem ti gratiatur visitato praesent programma. Last line recto: eris hoc parentia ipsum eum cum vita t? Christum et salut. First line verso: ....non est aliud nomen sub celo in quo oporteat. Last line verso: pisces qui caperentur apponiuntur nunc ob aliud ac. Littera Gothica Textualis Cursiva.

Content: Commentary of the Gospel of John, covering the very end of John 20 & the start of John 21. Author is unknown, although he cites Augustine. Does not appear in Patrologia Latina or Corpus Christianorum (as at May 1994). Have Rosenthal's notes ('Manuscripts from the Collection of Professor Bernhard Bischoff', p. 5 no. 14, based on Colker's notes).
Place of Origin: Germany?
From the Monash Rare Books collection of over one hundred fragments of medieval manuscripts and early printed books from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries that had belonged to the world-renowned authority on medieval palaeography (the study of handwriting), Professor Bernhard Bischoff (1906-1991).






Physical size: 1 page double sided vellum (264mm x 201mm) with a large cut in LH bottom corner, extensive damage on top left corner of verso, page folded on RHS


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“per illud tutatonem ti gratiatur visitato praesent programma,” Monash Collections Online, accessed July 20, 2024,

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