...derunt ihesum qui co....en...


...derunt ihesum qui co....en...


Melbourne, Mon. Uni. MS Bischoff Frag. 028
MS 1826

Date Created


2 columns. Written Area: recto 170 x 123mm, verso 152 x 150mm. Column Width: recto 53mm + 57mm, verso 54mm + 56mm. Column Height: recto 158mm, verso 152mm. Number of Lines: recto 34, verso 33. Line Height: 5mm. Column rulings in lead (rubbed out from recto). Rubrication of titles, heading, underscoring.

First Lines: (recto) ...derunt ihesum qui co...en?..., (verso) omni creature alleluia? qui crediderit. Last Lines: (recto) predicate evangelium, (verso) ...cedit et a filio quia et eius. Very Angular Gothic Minuscule.

Content: Breviary: Part of the service for the period of the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus, incl. Sunday after Ascension and a lesson assigned to Bede. Recto col. 1, lines 21-2: Scriptum est enim in libro psalmorum... Verso col. 1 lines 6-7: ...ascensionis [In red] Dominica infra octavas ad vesperas antiphona (the instructions to the rubricator in microscopic lettering on the extreme outer margin are preserved). Verso col. 2 lines 32-3: procedit et a filio quia et eius.

Have Rosenthal's notes ('Manuscripts from the Collection of Professor Bernhard Bischoff', p. 4 no. 12, based on Colker's notes).
Place of Origin: Southern Germany
From the Monash Rare Books collection of over one hundred fragments of medieval manuscripts and early printed books from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries that had belonged to the world-renowned authority on medieval palaeography (the study of handwriting), Professor Bernhard Bischoff (1906-1991).






Physical Size: 1 vellum leaf (232 x 169mm).


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“...derunt ihesum qui co....en...,” Monash Collections Online, accessed June 22, 2024, https://repository.erc.monash.edu/items/show/69705.

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