Tall Tales and True: Journeys of the Mind


Tall Tales and True: Journeys of the Mind



Journeys of the Mind is the second part of the Tall Tales and True exhibition. In part one, Journeys Real and Imagined, we endeavoured to show tales of exploration and the imaginary journeys that they inspired. In part two, the journeys are of an altogether different character. The mind is a versatile tool capable of transporting us out into the universe, deep into the core of the earth, and within the unseen world of molecules and atoms. In disciplinary terms, this is the history of science. Throughout human history, people have put forth philosophical arguments and tested theories that would explain our existence and make sense of the world around us. Yet the milestones in the history of science, from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, to Newton’s Laws of Motion, to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, are in many ways inaccessible to the average reader. This leads to a great irony in the world of books, as the great works of scientific endeavour are largely unread by the majority of people. We know of these books rather than having read them ourselves. Instead, the great works are distilled and related to us.

May 2018 to June 2018
The Gallery, Ground Level,
Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton Campus, Monash University




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