Bacon's Novum organum / edited with introduction, notes, etc., by Thomas Fowler.


Bacon's Novum organum / edited with introduction, notes, etc., by Thomas Fowler.



[...] The object of the Novum Organum, and of Bacon's philosophy in general, is, statd summarily, to enlarge the dominion of man, 'Regnum Hominis' ad he phrases it, by increasing his knowledge of Nature and his power over her operations. This end can only be accomplished, he conceives, by freeing the mind from its false prejudices, especially its habit of blind submission to authority, and thus bringing it face to face with the facts of Nature. But these facts are themselves of little use, unless sifted, compared, and employed as stepping-stones to generalisations form which facts can be legitimately deduced. [...]

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Preface to the First Edition -- Preface to the Second Edition -- Introduction -- I. Dates of the leading events in Bacon's Life, and of the first publication of his principal writings 3 -- 2. The object of the Novum Organum -- 3. Relation of the Novum Organum to the more important of Bacon's other philosophical works -- 4. Was the Novum Organum written in Latin? -- 5. Bacon's general philosophical opinions -- 6. Bacon's scientific attainments and opinions, with
special reference to the state of knowledge in his time -- 7. Bacon's religious opinions -- 8. The meaning attached by Bacon to the word ' Form ' (including a note on the ' Four Causes ' of Aristotle) -- 9. Bacon's method of Exclusions -- 10. Bacon's rejection of Final Causes in Physics -- 11. The causes of Aristotle's failure in his physical researches -- 12. The reaction against the authority of Aristotle -- 13. Anticipations of Bacon's Method and Teaching -- 14. Bacon's influence on Philosophy and Science, in-
cluding the Testimonies of early writers to him -- 15. Present value of Bacon's Logical Works -- 16. Opponents OF Bacon -- 17. Bibliography of the Novum Organum -- Preliminary Pieces (Prefaces to the Instauratio Magna and Novum Organum, Distributio Operis, etc.) -- Summary of Book I -- Book I -- Summary of Book II -- Book II -- Index to Introduction -- Index to Text and Notes






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Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626, “Bacon's Novum organum / edited with introduction, notes, etc., by Thomas Fowler.,” Monash Collections Online, accessed April 12, 2024,

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