Health Facts on Menstruation


Health Facts on Menstruation


"To-day, with the tremendous advances made in science, we know a great deal more about how to keep well and, in consequence, we lead longer, more useful, happier lives. But there is a good deal of information that women could and should have. Too many women are apt to regard natural functions as unnatural. Numerous superstitions have grown up throughout generations, and it is taking a long time to vanquish those superstitions. Particularly do they thrive with regard to the regular monthly period. This little book is offered with the hope that it will rid women of unnecessary fears and make them less self-conscious, less uncomfortable during menstruation, which must be regarded as a thoroughly normal, natural function if women are to live full, rich, happy lives[...]"


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Arnold, Lloyd, 1888 - 1963, “Health Facts on Menstruation,” Monash Collections Online, accessed July 18, 2024,

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