The Pink Fairy Book


The Pink Fairy Book

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The Pink Fairy Book / edited by Andrew Lang ; with numerous illustrations by H.J. Ford



The fairy book series
Contains fairy tales from around the world. Publisher's advertisements precede text

Table Of Contents

The cat's elopement - How the dragon was tricked - The goblin and the grocer - The house in the wood - Uraschimataro and the turtle - The slaying of the Tanuki - The flying trunk - The snow man - The shirt-collar - The princess in the chest - The three brothers - The snow-queen - The fir-tree - Hans, the mermaid's son - Peter Bull - The bird 'grip' - Snowflake - I know what I have learned - The cunning shoemaker - The king who would have a beautiful wife - Catherine and her destiny - How the hermit helped to win the king's daughter - The water of life - The wounded lion - The man without a heart - The two brothers - Master and pupil - The golden lion - The sprig of rosemary - The white dove - The troll's daughter - Esben and the witch - Princess Minon-Minette - Maiden Bright-eye - The merry wives - King Lindorm - The jackal, the dove, and the panther - The little hare - The sparrow with the slit tongue - The story of Ciccu - Don Giovanni de la Fortuna


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360 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm


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Lang, Andrew, 1844 - 1912 and Ford, Henry Justice, 1860 - 1941, “The Pink Fairy Book,” Monash Collections Online, accessed July 13, 2024,

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